Alan Page Fiske

Department of Anthropology

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Research Interests

My interests are focused on the theoretical integration of cultural, social, psychological, developmental, evolutionary, and neurological processes involved in human sociality. I am interested in the evolution of the human capacities for culture-specific forms of social relations. I work on basic problems in social theory. I also study ritual, food and sex taboos, responses to misfortune, personality disorders and OCD. Geographically, my principal expertise in in Africa, especially Burkina Faso, where I did fieldwork among the Moose. Current research: I am studying the constitutive modalities, cognition and semiotics of sociality: the modalities in which people construct and conduct their social relationships. I am writing a book on food & sex taboos. I am doing fMRI studies of the functional anatomy of the four elementary relational models in adults and their development in children. I am also collaborating on studies of the social functioning of schizophrenics.