Charles Stanish

Department of Anthropology

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Research Interests

I am an Andean archaeologist, interested in complex societies and political economy. The Lake Titicaca Basin in highland Peru and Bolivia represents one of the great centers of preindustrial civilization in the world. Our survey and excavations along the shores and on the islands of Lake Titicaca have uncovered numerous sites that span more than six millennia of human occupation. Recently, we have been excavating the remains of a house from the seventh to ninth century AD on the Island of Esteves, near the northern shore of the lake. This architecture was associated with a large pyramid and temple complex that was the center of the Tiwanaku (ca. AD 400-1000) state's provincial administration of this territory. The high quality of pottery and other objects associated with this house complex indicates that it was inhabited by an elite group, possibly Tiwanaku administrators or artisans.