Brooke Scelza and colleagues' major cross-cultural study on attitudes toward infidelity and jealousy appears in Nature Human Behaviour.

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Dan Fessler discusses the origins of sex differences in risk taking; cultural transmission; and negatively-biased credulity on Maz Jobrani's latest Back to School podcast

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Dan Blumstein and colleagues' work teaching Australian animals to avoid evolutionarily novel predators covered in Science.

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Noa Pinter-Wollman discusses her work on insect societies on The Science Show on ABC and Science Friday on NPR

Link to The Science Show on ABC - (

Link to Science Friday on NPR→

Susan Perry launches a website which lets people experience a day in the life of a capuchin monkey

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New work by Greg Bryant and colleagues on real versus fake laughter covered in Science (complete with video!).

Read the article and watch the video, here→

Getting an early start: Incoming first-year BEC grad student Renée Hagen is quoted in a New York Times article on the effects of infrastructure on the Agta

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Research by Greg Bryant and other BEC members on the universality of differences in laughter between friends and between strangers covered by NPR and the Huffington Post

Read the Huffington Post article here:

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Martie Haselton interviewed on NPR regarding whether a DNA test can determine partner compatibility

Greg Bryant's research on detecting differences between spontaneous and volitional laughter covered by Time Magazine, KCRW, and NPR

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Brooke Scelza's paper in Evolutionary Anthropology on strategic female promiscuity forms the basis for a recent piece in Slate

Brooke Scelza's paper in Evolutionary Anthropology on strategic female promiscuity forms the basis for a recent piece in Slate

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Dave Frederick selected as Rising Star by the Association for Psychological Sciences

BEC alumnus Dave Frederick selected as a Rising Star in psychology by the Association for Psychological Science.

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Edward Clint's Paper on Sex Differences in Spatial Navigation in the Quarterly Review of Biology

Edward Clint's paper receives a youtube video based on his work published in the Quarterly Review of Biology. Watch the video. It also receives coverage by the Smithsonian Magazine. Read the coverage here.

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London’s Times reports on research led by Martie Haselton, UCLA professor of psychology and communication studies, on women's mate preferences during ovulation

Check out the press release here

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Widespread coverage of Kerri Johnson's finding that, in the U.S. House of Representatives, female politicians with stereotypically feminine facial features were more likely to be Republican than Democrat.

Huffington Post, KPCC - Alex Cohen & A Martinez:, MSNBC, The Atlantic, The Washington Times

Stacy Rosenaum interviewed by France Culture


Widespread coverage of Greg Bryant and Dan Blumstein's work on dissonant music

This work is featured on the front page of the UCLA website and is the subject of over 70 stories online including US News and World Report.

Click here to read the Science Daily article→

National Geographic Japan features the work of Stacy Rosenbaum

Please note that this article is not in English.

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National Geographic Japan features the work of Stacy Rosenbaum

Please note that this article is not in English.

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Research on representations of relative formidability by Dan Fessler, Colin Holbrook, and Jeff Snyder covered by LA Times, NPR, and The Economist.

This work was covered by the LA Times, National Public Radio, The Economist, and more websites than you can shake a caulking gun at.

Brooke Scelza and Joan Silk will be contributing to sessions in the Leakey Foundation's "Female in Evolution" symposium

BEC faculty Brooke Scelza and Joan Silk will be contributing to a public symposium at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, sponsored by The Leakey Foundation, on The Female in Evolution. Brooke is chairing a session on foragers, and Joan will give an overview lecture in the session on behavior.

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Brooke Scelza elected to the board of the AAA Evolutionary Anthropology Society

The announcement can be found in the upcoming issue of the Anthropology New EAS column.

Jeff Brantingham's Predictive Policing Experiment covered in Time, Popular Science, and Scientific American

Jeff Brantingham's Predictive Policing Experiments, currently running with the Santa Cruz and Los Angeles Police Departments, made Time Magazine's list of The Top 50 Inventions of 2011. This research was also featured on the featured on the covers of the November 2011 issue of Popular Science and the January 2012 issue of Scientific American.

Stacy Rosenbaum's research highlighted by the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

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Jennifer Hahn-Holbrook, Colin Holbrook's work on maternal defense garners media attention

A recent article titled "Maternal Defense: Breast Feeding Increases Aggression by Reducing Stress" has been featured on MSNBC, the Today Show, the Daily Mail, Miller-McCune, and many others.

Click here to read the article in Psychological Science→

The Madeline Brand Show on NPR features work of Martie Haselton, Kelly Gildersleeve

Can men tell when a woman is ovulating? Martie Haselton shares new research from her collaborative paper with Kelly Gildersleeve "Can Men Detect Ovulation?" which appears in the journal, Current Directions in Psychological Science.

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Martie Haselton weighs in on the chemistry of attraction for the Wall Street Journal

New research shows that taking birth control pills may mask the signals that draw the sexes together.

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Dan Fessler interviewed about disgust on WBEZ's Clever Apes series

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Martie Haselton on NPR - "Scent of a Woman"

The scent of fertility: Dr. Haselton shares new research in evolutionary psychology and the science of attraction.

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Willem Frankenhuis in Science

Recent work by Willem Frankenhuis has been published in Science (Paper) and has received substantial coverage in various news outlets, including Science News (Article), Science Daily (Article), The Boston Globe (Article), and The Wall Street Journal (Article).

This work was conducted in collaboration with Lotte Thomsen, the lead author of the paper, and a former graduate student at the UCLA Department of Anthropology.

Martie Haselton, Christina Larson in the New York Times - "The threatening scent of fertile women"

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Dominic Johnson in Seed Magazine

Dominic Johnson and James Fowler discuss human overconfidence in a recent Seed Magazine article.


Widespread coverage of Elizabeth Pillsworth and Martie Haselton's recent research

Elizabeth Pillsworth and Martie Haselton's recent research documents changes in affiliation with kin as a function of conception risk, and has received substantial coverage in several news outlets, including the New York Times (Article), Time Magazine (Article), and Science Magazine (Article). Click here to see an interview with Martie Haselton regarding this research: Interview

Matt Ridley on Michelle Kline and Robert Boyd's Recent Paper

In an article discussing the importance of demography for innovation and technological complexity, Matt Ridley discusses Kline and Boyd's recent paper (published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 2010)


Carlos Navarrete in US News

Coverage of Carlos Navarrete's recent research on the relationship between menstrual cycle phase and voting preferences.

US News Article→

Robert Boyd on NPR

Robert Boyd's interview on National Public Radio's series "The Human Edge".

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Joan Silk LiveScience Interview

Joan Silk was recently interviewed regarding the finding that bonobo mothers enhance their sons reproductive success and about the implications of such research for our understanding of human evolution.


Dominic Johnson on NPR

NPR’s “All Things Considered” Jesse Bering and Dominic Johnson in “Is Believing In God Evolutionarily Advantageous?”

Article/Audio File→

Daniel Fessler on NPR

National Public Radio station WBEZ's Clever Ape series interviewed Dan Fessler about his work on children's interactions with fire.

Audio File→

Martie Haselton on The View

Martie Haselton discusses her research on human sexuality with the cast of the view.


Dan Blumstein in Nature and on NPR

Dan Blumstein's recent work on how shorter winters have led to fatter marmots and a population explosion over the past decade has appeared on the cover of Nature. This work has received extensive news coverage from diverse outlets, including New Scientist, The New York Times, Scientific American, Discover Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, and NPR (Interview). Click here (Article) to read Lucas Laursen's Nature article which covers this research.

Lomas Barbudal Monkey Project

Recent media coverage of the Lomas Barbudal Monkey Project from Susan Perry's participation in the Royal Society of London's "Culture Evolves" conference this summer.

Probing Culture's Secrets, From Capuchins to Children→

Widespread Coverage of Joan Silk's work on baboon social bonding

Joan Silk's research documents the effects of baboon social bonds on both adult longevity and infant survivorship. Her work has received substantial coverage in various academic and media outlets, including Science(Article), the New York Times(Article), and Scientific American.

Science Coverage of Michelle Kline and Rob Boyd's Research

A recent article in Science discusses Michelle Kline and Rob Boyd's recent research on population size and cultural evolution.


Dwight Read in Science

Dwight Read's recent work on working memory has received coverage in Science.


Widespread Coverage of Greg Bryant and Martie Haselton's Research

Greg Bryant and Martie Haselton have recently published a paper in Biology Letters (Bryant, G. A., & Haselton, M. G. (2009). Vocal cues of ovulation in human females. Biology Letters, 5, 12-15.). This work has received widespread media coverage from diverse news outlets, including New Scientist, BBC, The Independent, The Guardian, Science Magazine, Science Daily, Time Magazine, and other newspapers around the world.

CBC Radio Coverage of Greg Bryant and Martie Haselton's Research

Coverage of Greg Bryant and Martie Haselton's research on changes in women's voices across the menstrual cycle.

Audio File→

Widespread Coverage of Greg Bryant and Clark Barrett's Research

Greg Bryant and Clark Barrett's research, published in Psychological Science, examining intention recognition in infant-direct speech in people from Amazonian Ecuador, was covered by several news organizations, including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Times, ScienceNOW, Science Daily, and United Press International.