January 08, 2018

Leks, Lies, and Audiotape: Dialects and Deception in a Tropical Hummingbird.

Julian Kapoor, Cornell University

December 04, 2017

The Origins of Prosocial Religions and the Emergence of Large-Scale Cooperation and Conflict

Ara Norenzayan, University of British Columbia

November 27, 2017

Neural Encoding and Cognitive Consequences of Human Social Networks

Carolyn Parkinson, University of California, Los Angeles

November 20, 2017

Extra-Community Relationships in Humans: From Tolerance to Transactions

Anne Pisor , Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

November 13, 2017

Core Intuitions about Persons Co-Exist and Interfere with Acquired Christian Beliefs about God

Tamsin German, University of California, Santa Barbara

November 06, 2017

Is Moral Judgment Designed to Deter?

Robert Kurzban , University of Pennsylvania 

October 30, 2017

Hormones, Sleep, and Health Over the Transition to Parenthood

Darby Saxbe, University of Southern California

October 23, 2017

Peer Sanctioning and Cultural Group Selection Promotes Large-Scale Cooperation: Evidence from Kenyan Pastoralists

Sarah Mathew, Arizona State University