Brian Wood


Brian Wood

Department of Anthropology

Research Interest

I am an evolutionary anthropologist and my research focuses on the behavioral ecology and demography of hunter-gatherers. I am interested in learning how basic problems of survival and reproduction that arise from life as a hunter-gatherer have shaped human biology, behavior, and culture. Since 2004, I have been carrying out research with the Hadza of northern Tanzania. My work is field-based and highly interdisciplinary, employing ethnographic research coupled with state-of-the-art methods of behavioral measurement and quantitative analysis. I seek to understand the demographic, ecological, and social processes that guide Hadza hunter-gatherers in their choices of who they live with, how they acquire and share foods, and the consequences of these arrangements. Subsistence strategies and food sharing systems are central themes of my research. I am interested in these subjects because of their importance to the Hadza, and because they may shed light into selective pressures that have long shaped human societies.

Research Topics

Human behavioral ecology, evolutionary anthropology, hunter-gatherers, food-sharing, interspecific cooperation, evolutionary demography, landscape use and movement ecology