Past Presentations

Oliver Sng – Rethinking stereotypes: Social perceivers as lay adaptationists

Britt Florkiewicz – At Face Value: The Role of Chimpanzee Facial Expressivity in the Evolution of Gestural Communication and Social Bonding

Sophie Scott – It’s funny: the evolution and science of laughter

Manvir Singh – The nature and origins of religious super-attractors

Paul Smaldino – The evolution of covert signaling in diverse societies

Dorsa Amir – The development of decision-making across diverse cultural contexts

Michael Tomasello – Becoming human: A theory of ontogeny

Quayshawn Spencer – A metaphysical mapping problem for race theorists and human population geneticists

Evelina Fedorenko – The human language system in the mind and brain

Aaron Panofsky – Citizen scientific racism: White nationalist appropriations of genetic research

Rebecca Saxe – What is theory of mind? Implications for mind, brain and culture

Hugo Mercier – Impression management as signaling

Willem Frankenhuis – Hidden talents in harsh conditions

Pascal Boyer – Why divination? A salient cultural attractor, an explanatory model, and some lessons for how to understand the generation of culture

Samuel Mehr – Representation and understanding in music across cultures

Zaneta Thayer – How social inequities create health inequities: An integration of social and biological mechanisms

Tyler Marghetis – A history of our times

Nadya Vasilyeva – Structural thinking about social categories

Heidi Colleran – Rethinking reproduction in human evolutionary research

L. Ian Reed – The communicative functions of facial expressions

Matt Cartmill –

Gordon Burghardt – The Origins, Evolution, and Functions of Play

Alison Gopnik – Life history and learning: Childhood as a solution to explore-exploit tensions

Colin Allen – 40 Years On: The Quest for a Scientific Philosophy of Animal Minds

Barry Bogin – Stunting is not a synonym of malnutrition

Ryan Nichols – Evaluating the Labor Market Explanation of Footbinding: Theoretical, Methodological, and Statistical Problems

Heidi Lyn – Dogs, Apes, Dolphins, and Environment Effects on Communication and Cognition

Robbie Burger – Metabolic scaling, brain size, pace of life history, and the rise of hyper-dense cities

Kensy Cooperrider – Fifteen ways of looking at a pointing gesture

Robert Seyfarth – The social origins of language

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